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– How Laser Works –

The latest advancements in hair removal using laser technology are truly exciting.  As a result, more people are candidates for laser hair removal and the procedure is providing even greater customer satisfaction.  We are here to guide you in selecting the best program for eliminating your unwanted hair as quickly and economically as possible. If you are a candidate for this new laser hair removal technology, you can be freed of unwanted hair at the speed of light.

The word laser  is an acronym for …




– How Electrolysis Works –

Electrolysis was developed by a physician and has been performed since 1875.  Over its history, which spans more than 125 years, electrolysis has proven to be the safest and most effective method of permanent hair removal.  With the advent of computerized equipment, the effectiveness and comfort of the procedure has increased tremendously. In performing electrolysis, the electrologist inserts a slender probe into the hair follicle.  A low-intensity electrical impulse is then quickly applied.  Depending upon …