Professional Standards

Since 2002

  • Our primary focus will always be on the needs of the client.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of the client will always be respected.

  • We will only use hair removal equipment that has been determined by the FDA to provide permanent results, whenever the client is seeking such results.

  • When asked, we will provide a comparison of the various methods of hair removal.

  • We will comply with all of the standards of practice prescribed for electrologists by the Florida State Legislature and/or its assigned governing body.Clients must complete a medical history form so that I may best evaluate their circumstances prior to the start of hair removal treatments.

  • While we are not ethically permitted to diagnose a medical condition, we will keep current on the medical conditions that can influence the growth of unwanted hair or that might impact the treatment thereof. We will, furthermore, advise the client of the need to confer with a doctor when it is suspected there may be a medical condition involved with their unwanted hair.

  • The client will be fully informed of the appropriate pre-appointment and after treatment care that they must follow in connection with their hair removal treatments.

  • The client will be encouraged to contact us if they have even the slightest concern regarding the treatments they have been receiving.

  • The client will always be kept informed of the progress that is being made during the course of treatment.

  • The client will be charged fairly for our hair removal services.